Shahid Kapoor can play the role of this boxing champion who can fight cancer!

Talking about Shahid's forthcoming film, he is in the discussion about the film 'Batki Gul Meter Current'.

These days, one biopic films are being produced in Bollywood. Meanwhile, there is a big news about Bollywood chocolate hero Shahid Kapoor. He can work in a biopic film. Shahid could appear to be playing the role of former boxing champion and Asian Games gold medalist Dingko Singh on the silver screen. This film will be directed by Raja Krishna Menon.

Batti gul movie 2018

Story of the movie which Shahid liked:

King Krishna Menon, who has directed films such as 'Airlift' and 'Chef', is going to make a film on the life of Dingko Singh. In the film, Dingko Singh's character Shahid Kapoor will be seen playing. According to sources, the film is expected to go to the film floor around April 2019. Shahid Kapoor said, "What I like about this story is that Dingko Singh is one of those superstars we do not know much. If a film like a tragedy is not created then we can not know much about the Fogat sisters. 

Dingko Singh is a cancer survivor and he has undergone chemotherapy 13 rounds. His biggest win is to win cancer, not at the age of 19, winning a gold medal in the 1998 Asian Games in Bangkok. The story of his life is incredible. She is very inspirational. These wonderful stories of heroes should be told. '

Talk about the film that is made on social issues: Shahid's forthcoming film, he is in the discussion about the film 'Batki Gul Meter Current'. In this film, Shraddha Kapoor is going to be seen in the lead role. Its director is Shri Narayan Singh, who has tried to raise a serious issue in a funny manner. The story is about the wrong bills sent by the power department. In the film, Shahid raises voice against girkhandhande.

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