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Know the advantages and disadvantages of credit card

Know the advantages and disadvantages of credit card

Use credit card  as much as our benefit, the more it becomes more difficult for us to use it, and for those who do not know about credit card, let me tell them that the actual credit card is different from the debit card. Because it is necessary to have balance in your account for use of the debit card, but if you have a credit card, then you can borrow a fixed amount from the bank for a few days on which the bank will charge you some interest. 

Debit card advantage

For this, every bank has a set of criteria for which, if you can issue a credit card on your bank, and if you have a good deal of transactions with your bank, card, and in addition if you make fixed deposit of fixed amount, you can issue a bank credit card against it.

advantage of credit card 

Some of the credit cards have their advantages, such as if you pay more than your electronic payment, you can borrow from the bank at reasonable interest while shopping and in any case, and that too immediately The limit is given in a way that you can pay in advance. EMI can take advantage of the facility available.

disadvantage of credit card 

The more you have the advantages of the credit card, the loss is the same, and if you do not use it right then the damage is more because your bad habits and bad money management are not right then there may be a little more problem for you. | Because of not using the credit card properly, the burden of borrowing increases on us, due to which we can not save and the more the credit goes, the more you increase the burden of interest.

How to correctly use the credit card correctly / better use of credit card -

First of all, it is important that you maintain your monthly budget and keep an account of your expenses and income
from various sources so that you can help you control your expenses.

1 *.  Actually manage the credit card correctly, it is not as bad as it is due to not being properly managed, so you will be aware of it a little bit, I do not think you have any problem sometimes it sometimes Life saver works just like you have to take so much care that it only requires you to use it in urgent position or in a situation where you can manage things properly, there is no additional burden on you from this. And most often use a debit card for meoco so that you do not have to face the situation like the use of credit card.

2* . Save you for leaving out the money you have borrowed through the credit card, and if you do this, you will not only be relieved of worry but also your savings which goes into interest.

3.* Whenever you go to the market, if you have more than one credit card then you should only take one for the same emergency and try to keep you saved for the next three months so that you can get credit card in any urgent position. No need of use.

4.* Take care of the expenses in this manner and take precedence in such a way that you need electricity and water and new shoes and new phones are more important, so give priority to those expenses without which your work will not work. May be.

5.*As soon as you make a monthly budget, whenever you make a payment, try to cash in order to keep your eyes on your expenses and you will know how much money you have spent and how much you have left while the money We often pay by credit card, we often forget about it and do not account for it because it is in our mind that in the end we will get the account through our statement. It does not happen that whenever you make your budget, then it includes all the electronic payments and cash payments.

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