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how to add google adsense ads on wordpress website

How to add google adsense ads on your wordpress site .

   Hii friends , i have explain in this article  how to add adsense ads on your wordpress site “  so lets start it and read my first article in this website so plaese help and share my content socail media .  google adsense is the one of the most best advertise platforms . every educate person  create website and earn google adsense money so in this article i have share how to add adsense code wordpress website read carefully my post and you any problem please comments below  . 

did you know that you can easily use google adsense ads and wordpress site managment but new blogger i confuise  how to add adsense ads on wordpress site so in this article , we will show you how to add google adsense ads on wordpress gaghet  in wordpress along with  sharing some best practice  and tips to earning your website .

  What is google adsense ?

 Google adsense is a advertising networks  run by google that allow blogger and wordpress website and your created apps so many others faetures available google adsense account and you earn money google adsense .  adsense showing ads on your wordpress site  images ads, videos ads,text ads ,link ads ,and other interactive advertisement  on their website these adsense ads for targetetd country ads and your audience.

      Google adsense is free advertising service and you make money but don’t mistake any problems   ,and don’t click your adsense ads and no invite  any others person to click your ads so care your adsense account ok .  google administers  with  maintain relationship with the advertiser , they collect the payment ,take theirs share  ad send your share  to you .
 Adsense offers per click rate means pperson click your adsense ads and  means (cpc)  which means that you earn money per click  eveyr time  a user click  on the ad on your website . the amount recieve per  click varieus  base on multiple factors .

How to add adsense code your wordpress  website

1.      First thing  you need to do sign up google adsense account . if you can need one gmail account and you sign up their google adsense account . only use one time gmail id and create your adsense account and website so lets start it add adsense ads wordpress blog .
2.      You need to determine where you  want to show  the ad on your website pages . most commonly use your adsense ads   are displayed in sidebar .

3.      You can add ads in your sidebar  by using wordpress website .

4.     Simply go to you wordpress website and see your blog dashboard .
adsense code add wordpress website

5.     See drop dowm menu and click  appearance open a new window and see  wighet .

6.     Click on  wighet  and see  open new windows box and then paste your copy adsense code this wighet see images .paste after code click  save button and add yur  adsense ads on your blog . open website and see ads sidebaar

add wp website code

 thats it!

What is the best adsense ad size ?

 Although adsense size is adsense key . we’ve  found that the  best size are 336* 280 and 300*260 . this ads sizes tend to fit your wordpress website and and click any person your ads thi ads format is best and click pay rate is high so use this customize size ads on your blogger,wordpress site .

So i have share this post on english. so you have like my article and share my blogger post social media because i have share new new article in this site so i hop you like my small article “  how to add adsense ads on wordpress website “  so next article is wordpress analytics  guide and how to add your wordpress site google analytics  so your any problems comment in this site below .

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